About Chislehurst

Situated in Greater London and yet still part of Kent, Chislehurst has been on the map for over 1,000 years and is steeped in history. Since 1934 the Chislehurst Society has been striving to maintain the balance between preserving Chislehurst’s heritage, and supporting residents’ needs. Local charity, Trustees of the Commons are also working hard to maintain and preserve our Ponds & Commons for future generations.

With the same passion, two groups working hard to keep Chislehurst special are the Town Team and Chislehurst Business Group.  The Town Team tackle High Street issues and work closely with London Borough of Bromley, and the Chislehurst Business Group sponsor the Christmas lights, host events, and manage Visit Chislehurst. Together, they aim to promote Chislehurst; attracting more visitors to the area and making it a destination of choice.

For more information about Visit Chislehurst, or the work of the Town Team and Chislehurst Business Group, please feel free to contact us.